Aluminum hydraulic cylinders are just like other hydraulic cylinders in hydraulic systems, where the hydraulic piston and hydraulic piston rod are housed together inside the cylinder barrel. However, because they are aluminum they are lighter than standard, steel cylinders. You’ve probably heard the terms cylinder or piston when your mechanic is talking to you about your car’s engine, but these are different types of pistons and rods. These aluminum hydraulic cylinders are essential components in heavy operations and are actually used in a wide variety of industries from oil and gas to mining; heavy construction to railroads and bridge building.

Hydraulic cylinders, in general, can be custom made to fit any space and can also be manufactured from many types of metals, each with its own, intrinsic specific benefits.

Today we’ll be highlighting the many advantages of single acting and double acting aluminum hydraulic cylinders.

What are aluminum hydraulic cylinders used for?

Hydraulics is a scientific term used to describe the force created when a fluid is put under pressure. Over time, engineers have learned to harness this force to develop machines which use the hydraulic principle to push or pull heavy objects. You’ll see hydraulic pumps and cylinders used in the oil & gas industry; heavy construction machines such as excavators, dump trucks and cranes use hydraulics to lift, dig, and load. Hydraulics are even used in railroad engines to help with steering and braking.

A hydraulic cylinder is a barrel containing a fluid which is under pressure. It’s also where the piston is connected to the piston rod. The piston itself is sealed inside the barrel of the hydraulic cylinder with the liquid while the rod protrudes from the top of the barrel. The rod is then usually attached or in contact with the object it is pushing or pulling. The pressure of the fluid inside the cylinder enables the piston to push the rod and allows these machines to do the heavy lifting, digging, or pulling.

How are aluminum hydraulic cylinders different?

The differences and advantages of aluminum cylinders are in their weight. Unlike heavy steel cylinders, aluminum barrels are lightweight and perfect for machines or applications where the weight of the hydraulic components is important. Because of their weight, aluminum hydraulic components can be more easily moved or removed for maintenance and repair.

Other ideal advantages.

It’s a good idea to make sure your aluminum cylinders have these specs to ensure they’ll work in the conditions you’ll be applying them towards:

Look for:

  • hard anodized rods and cylinders to help resist corrosion and increase their durability
  • steel base plates to protect the cylinder body
  • low friction bearing surfaces
  • Anti-extrusion seals – these will help to improve the hydraulic cylinder’s performance at higher pressure
  • Types of aluminum hydraulic cylinders

    Winshaw Hydraulic Tools offers many types of aluminum hydraulic cylinders.

    Single Acting Solid Aluminum Cylinders

    The HAS Model single acting solid aluminum cylinder has a working pressure of 10,000 PSI (or 700 bar) and is suitable for capacities of 32 to 110 tons. These cylinders have single acting, spring assisted returns for the pistons and a stroke length of 51 mm (2.01”) to 305 mm (12.01”). Follow the link for full single acting solid aluminum cylinder specs.

    Single Acting Failsafe Lock Ring Aluminum Cylinders

    The HFA Model Single acting failsafe lock ring aluminum cylinders have the same working pressure, capacity, and stroke length as the solid cylinders. They also have a mechanical lock ring which allows for an extended period of mechanical, load hold. Follow the link for full single acting failsafe aluminum cylinder specs.
    Double Acting High Tonnage Aluminum Cylinders

    The HRA Model Double acting high tonnage aluminum cylinders also share the same working pressure, capacity, and stroke length as the single acting cylinders, but the double acting design allows for greater accuracy, efficiency, and higher work output. Follow the link for full double acting high tonnage aluminum cylinder specs.

    Winshaw Hydraulic Tools carries a full line of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinder parts, and other products required for hydraulic systems. If you’d like to learn more about our aluminum hydraulic cylinders or any of our products, contact us today.