Laser Engraving: Carry Cases and Tools

At Winshaw Hydraulic Tools we are able to prepare “shadowbox” type cases for your tools and at the same time engrave them and/ or your tools to aid in tracking and organization.

How a double acting, hydraulic nut splitter works

This video shows an up close view of a large nut splitter working on a heavy walled nut. By turning up the volume you’ll be able to hear the pump working in the background which supplies the pressure to the splitter.

How a two speed, manual, hydraulic pump works

This video shows how a two speed, manual hydraulic pump works. Notice that the second speed kicks in automatically at a preset pressure.

How a single speed, manual, hydraulic pump works

This video shows how a single speed, manual, hydraulic pump works. Notice the way the oil is recirculated to the reservoir when the pressure reaches the max working pressure.

TPE16A Model Torque Pump from Hi Force Hydraulic Tools

An introduction to the operation of the TPE model torque wrench pump.

How hydraulic bolt tensioners work

The video shows a cut away view of a Hi Force Hydraulic Tools hydraulic bolt tensioner working. Notice the cavities which are filling with oil to extend the cylinder.