At Winshaw Hydraulic Tools, our hydraulic tool repair comes with a guarantee:
New Tool: 1 year unconditional warranty on parts and worksmanship.
Tool service and repair: Same great unconditional warranty for 60 days.

Procedure for tools sent in for repair

  • First the tool(s) will be delivered to the repair facility
  • If the tools are in the Houston area, tool pick up can be arranged
  • The tool will then be inspected and dismantled to identify and assess the damage or broken part.
  • The cost of the repair will then be communicated to the customer and followed up with a phone call from one of our specialists
  • If the cost of the repair is prohibitively expensive (>50% of the same tool new) then a new replacement will be recommended
  • If the repair is decided against then the tool will be shipped back to the customer. Please note that the tool will be returned in an “as is” condition and not reassembled.
Maitence and repair


If you would like to rent one of our tools, please contact us to rent one of the tools from our fleet of rental equipment.


  • Nut Splitters
  • Flange Spreaders
  • Slim Line Torque Wrenches
  • Square Drive Torque Wrenches
  • Tensioners
  • Rams and cylinders
  • Pumps and hoses


Heavy lifts and Bolting (torqueing or tensioning) can be one small part of a big project. However, if it is a multi-million-dollar project or a one day “job” it has to be done correctly the first time. Let Winshaw Project Management services help your company to ensure the lifting, bolting or tensioning portion of your project goes per schedule and in accordance with the budget as well.

Winshaw Project Management Services

  • Interface with the PMT (Project Management Team)
  • Preparation of project specific procedures for bolting
  • Preparation of project specific drawings and sequences (if applicable)
  • Interface with MWS (Marine Warranty Survey) or TPA
  • Supply of accredited training for on site personnel or other subcontracotrs (divers, flange management personnel, etc)
  • Supply of certified equipment with certificates endorsed by a recognized TPA.
  • Contribution to the Project As Built Dossier (if requested)
Project Management photo


This service particularly focuses on tools used for accurate bolt tightening, which according to industry standards, recommends that they are calibrated at least once per year and in some cases more often if used extensively.

Winshaw is able to calibrate not only Hi Force tools but also those of other manufacturers.



When gauges need to be calibrated the speed of the turn around and the accuracy of the calibration is of utmost importance. When you need your gauges calibrated, contact Winshaw for a competitive estimate for the calibrations required.